Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the Stan Major 60th Anniversary will continue...

but first....a ghost story repeated

The ghost of President Nixon came back again...last night as I was sleeping.
  He brought a friend!

        “Mr. Major...I have a friend for you.  President Kennedy meet Mr Major.”
        “ahh glad to know you”

        “Mr. Major, I just dropped in to ask a favor.”

        “What’s that Mr. Kennedy?”

        “Will you convey a message to Hillary Clinton for me?”
        “Sure...what is it?”

        “Tell her to “cut the cord.”
        “If she wants to be President...she’ll have to divorce Bill.   He’s just too much!”

       “OK Mr. Kennedy...I got it.  Anything else?”

        JFK thought for a moment the replied..."did they ever find out who really shot me?”

       “Nope....not really.”

 ...and with that both ghosts disappeared.

 I went back to sleep.

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