Friday, May 23, 2014

why can't I buy these?


an angry guy here!

things you really like...disappearing from store shelves.

there are goodies that have gone bye bye from one of my favorite stores.
I especially hate it when you email the store or the manufacture and they don’t even respond.  That really pisses me off!

  Example: Lander fresh mint white mouthwash.  Featured at Dollar Tree where I spend a bunch of dollars every month. Best mouthwash in years...but gone now.  I was kidding the manager of my local store that it will probably show up at Walmart for three bucks!  
Lander has all kinds of blue and green mouthwash which can’t compare with the white. So, of course, logic dictates that they should stop making it...or sell it off.  They didn’t respond to my inquiry.

         How about Tastykake coffee cake Juniors...(see pic) which they said they would check into for me.   Nothing!
        You can get em in Philly by the tons...(home of Tastykake) in every store...but not in Miami-Ft.Lauderdale.
here’s a couple of real good items that you CAN find (I hope)

TAMPICO Island Punch (light blue top)
  Pineapple, Banana, Orange...goes well with the 
white rum!  The other Tampicos are like kool aid.


  Best I’ve ever tasted and I’ve lived a long time. Goes great with the Tampico too....and some toast will help.  You can munch these without milk but it’s better with.
TARGET has the huge family size Honeycomb for $2.49 (cheaper than Walmart) and about every other time you purchase there you get a dollar off that’s a great deal from Target.

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